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The facility

JT Performance Centre is a High Performance Training Facility for Athletic Development, General Fitness, Recovery, Rehabilitation & Sport Science. The Facility features top of the range equipment from Rogue and Concept2, 25m Sprint Track, large Turf area, 8 Squat Racks, Olympic Lifting area, Free Weights area, Conditioning equipment, and Recovery Services including NormaTec Compression Boots, Infrared Sauna, and Massage Guns from Hyperice.

Additionally, the Facility features a range of traditional & specialty equipment such as a Rogue Belt Squat, Rogue Competition Bench Press, Trap Bars, Jammer Press, Bench Pull, Isolation Machines, Rowers, SkiErgs & BikeErgs from Concept2, Watt Bike, Sprint Treadmills, Rogue GHD, Rogue Plyo Boxes, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Kettebells, Tib Bars, Hurdles, Mini Tramps, Dumbbells from 1-50kgs, Sleds, Cable Machine, Bands & Chains, Rogue Bumper Plates, and a range of Rogue specialty bars including Deadlift Bars, Olympic Weightlifting Bars (Men’s & Women’s), Safety Squat Bars, Earthquake Bars, Ez Curl Bars, Stubby Axles, and Farmers Walk Handles.


At JT Performance Centre, our aim is to provide access to elite level facilities, equipment and training services to everyone, from beginner in the gym to professional athlete. Our High Performance Staff have the experience & knowledge to help you achieve your training goals whether it be as an athlete for your sport or general health & fitness.

Training at JT Performance can be face to face with our General Fitness Program or Sports Performance Program, 1:1 or 2:1 with our Private Coaching, or externally via our Online Programming.

We’re proud to be Partnered with TeamBuildr, the leading Strength & Conditioning software for Coaches, Teams and Athletes around the world, used by multiple professional & collegiate Teams in the NBA, NFL, AFL, NRL, NCAA and more.

Using TeamBuildr, we are able to plan and build custom/individualised training programs for all of our clients and athletes, which are written, modified and monitored by our High Performance Staff.


Recovery is a vital part of any training program. At JT Performance Centre we provide Recovery Services such as NormaTec Compression Boots, Hyperice Massage Guns, Infrared Sauna, Recovery Protocols and Active Recovery Sessions to help maximise the benefits of the strength, conditioning and rehabilitation programs provided.

NormaTec Compression Boots

NormaTec Compression Boots are a dynamic air compression system that helps to aid athletes & individuals recover between training sessions or following competitive events.

performance testing

Just like Professional Sports, our Athletes and Clients have the option to undergo Physical Performance Testing. Using industry leading sports performance technology, science and protocols, we are able to track the physical performance capabilities of our Athletes/Clients. The results and data collected from selected tests and assessments helps to guide our training prescription and monitor progress throughout the duration of the Athlete or Individuals program.

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